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The prices of electricity, natural gas, motor gasoline, diesel fuel, LPG, kerosene, and other energy products are of significant public interest across the world. We can provide data, research and context if you would like to integrate such information into your reporting. We have done so for over a decade as you can see in our media presence.


We provide retail fuel prices, electricity prices, and natural gas prices for about 150 countries. The prices have been collected from original sources by our team since 2012. The fuel price series are updated weekly. The electricity and natural gas price series are updated quarterly.

Data derivatives and analysis

We use our data to compute global and regional averages, relative prices, correlations, percent changes, trends, and many other metrics with each new data update. We also carry out routine research on energy price policies in various countries, the factors that drive national and regional prices, and on the outlook for prices going forward. These can also be made available.


We also provide commentary and quotes based on our experience on these matters. For example, we can help put a local story into a broader regional and global context. We can also help explain how local price dynamics fit within recent and long-term trends.

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